Differences between Shared VPS and Dedicated Hosting

Differences between Shared VPS and Dedicated Hosting

There’s so many types of Web Hosting on the market. Then, which one suits you best? Will it be shared hosting, a VPS, or a Dedicated server? Here, we will explain the differences between the types of Web Hosting plans to help you choose wisely.

Hosting Platform Comparison

Differences between Shared VPS and Dedicated Hosting

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is when a website is hosted on the same server as many other websites. Most web hosting companies provide shared hosting because it’s affordable and easy to set-up. It suits new sites which don’t have a lot of traffic in the short term.

Shared Hosting (includes our 2.5GB, 5GB, and 10GB plans) is much the same as living in an Apartment. The tenants are in the same place and must share the available resources with everyone including the laundry room, gym, park, and childcare center. All accounts must share the available resources with all the other accounts on the server. These include CPU time, memory, and disk space. Our System Administrators monitor all of our shared servers all the time.


VPS Hosting
Virtual Private Server Hosting (includes our 1GB, 2GB and 4GB RAM with extra vRAM) is similar to owning a Condo. While you still share things on the property, you are still responsible for maintaining and repairs inside your condo. So, only some resources are shared.

The overall CPU time and memory are shared across all accounts on the machine, however parts of those resources are assigned specially to each account. This allows for more power and variability than using a shared account.


Dedicated Hosting
it includes our Mr dedicated I, Mr Dedicated II, and Mr. Dedicated III Plans. Dedicated Hosting can be compared to owning a house. It solely yours. You can enjoy all the resources available on the machine and no other person account.

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Apartment living to Condo living

Upgrading from Shared to VPS Hosting

Shared accounts are preferred by most people as you can host all kind of apps on them and having lots of email accounts. However, the VPS is better in giving you Full Root Access to your server. It is Faster, safe, and more dependable than shared hosting. Your files, database are protected, and locked from other server users. It also provides better Privacy.

You need an upgrade if you are experiencing:

  1. A Growing residents: If the residents increasing more than what the apartment can handle, then it strongly adviced to be upgraded. In shared hosting, if your website becomes famous, you it’s necessary to upgrade to VPS Hosting for more CPU and Memory for your account. It’s needed to handle all the new traffic coming to your site.
  2. Customizations: Living in an apartment, you may not have permission to paint any walls to your liking. By moving to a Condo you have more ownership of your space, allowing you to design and decorate however you choose. Upgrading to VPS hosting will also allow you to install any software that you prefer.


Condo Living to Single Family Home Living

Upgrading from VPS Hosting to Dedicated Hosting

Like a condo, you have a lot of control, but not completely. When you have a big family and there’s a lot happening every day. You may decide to buy a single family home, where you’ll have plenty of parking and extra bathrooms.

VPS Servers are great for mid-sized businesses because you can setup and tweak exactly the way you want. BUT, A VPS Server is not a Dedicated Server.Your actions can negatively affect other users. Especially if you have a very busy website that dominating the server’s CPU time and memory. It cause performance issues with other users on the same server.

Now that we’ve given the briefing on the Differences between Shared VPS and Dedicated Hosting of Web Hosting plans we offer, let our hosting experts set you up with the perfect solution for your needs

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